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Our pioneering techniques prioritize your comfort without compromising results

Our Doctors of Chiropractic excel at targeting the root cause of your pain, getting results, and getting you back to enjoying life!

Crashed and Confused?

We have extensive experience treating car crash injuries, having treated over 1k people injured in motor vehicle collisions. This type of trauma can produce unique injuries that are often overlooked and can lead to lifetime pain. Spotting these injuries early and addressing them properly can dramatically improve the outcome. Our precision instrument adjusting protocols make correction easy during times of stiffness and pain without twisting or popping. Our lasers and other treatment tools available in our clinic reduce pain and spasm, and facilitate healing to get you functional and comfortable again after injury.

Why Stotts Chiropractic?
Because We Get it!

We understand where you are! Stotts Chiropractic is unique in that BOTH doctors overcame debilitating spinal injuries through chiropractic care. Their combined 71+ years of experience form their unique approach to helping you Get Healthy and Stay Healthy.

Let’s take a look at common conditions that we see every week in patients just like you!

Sciatica : Pain in one or both legs that ranges from annoying to incapacitating. We have multiple solutions to get you help quickly.
Low back pain : One of the costliest conditions in healthcare today, affecting quality of life and productivity. We have effective answers for you!

Migraines and Headaches : With advanced training and techniques for neck conditions, we have REVIVE protocols to get a handle on your headaches.

Neck and arm pain : The joints of the neck perform complex functions that are greatly affected by subluxation and injury, producing complex pain. We love addressing this condition and finding answers.
TMJD : Jaw joint pain and spasm can be intense. Our postgraduate training allows us to understand the underlying causes of pain and get to solutions. We are happy to work in conjunction with your dental professional.

Vertigo and Dizziness : These conditions can be frightening and life-altering. Let us help you find answers to help gain your normal life back.


Joint pain : Shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, feet…can give you grief. Let us help you gain control over these buggers!


“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Stotts & her staff! They all work together beautifully to make your treatment experience comfortable. The treatments, which are absolutely gentle, help get you back to good & keep you that way. They go above & beyond to make each one of their patients feel special. And with their knowledgeable explanations, I feel very comfortable in their care. I can’t recommend them enough!”

Andrea Brown

“Best chiropractor and staff in town!!!!!! 💯💯💯💯
Dr. Stotts definitely cares about her patients and their well being!!!!! She takes pride in her work and it shows!!!!!!”

Rodrigo Ramirez

“The Best Chiropractor!! Very Professional and knowledgeable and very friendly!! Her treatment is helping me a lot !! She is a wonderful person!!!
THE #1″

Carmen D Rivera

“Best Chiro in town! Always greeting you with a smile and ready to heal!”

Elizabeth Lewis Cropper

“My treatment has really improved my overall function in my daily life!”

Eric Rios

“Exceptional staff. They have the best attitudes and care. I have had back pain for years and coming here has helped relieve the pain. I would highly recommend coming here.”

Brianne DeLaughter

“Having my daughter away from home attending college is hard but to know she is struggling with a hurt back is harder to be so far away from her, it was nice to find a great chiropractor who treated her as her own and took her right in and helped her get some relief. Dr. Stotts was phenomenal and even FaceTimed me and explained it all to this momma! Thanks, Dr. Stotts and staff for going the extra mile and helping this momma worry less.”

Rachel Randy Ramirez

“Very caring and very helpful in reducing discomfort and pain.”

Bob Darr

“Since 1976 l have never had a better chiropractor, the no-force method she uses is the best. I have 7 disks fused in my back, spent 17 years in the oil field, and 10 years in gas line replacement, and l cowboyed all my life. l am beat all to pieces. She gives me a better quality of life. Also I just love her, she is the salt of the earth and just a beautiful person.”

Bill Guest

“Dr. Stotts is fantastic! She’s extremely knowledgeable about spinal health, as well as many other areas of whole body wellness. More importantly, she genuinely cares about her patients. My pain level has decreased significantly in the short time I’ve received treatment from her!”

Amy Ocker

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy With Our Exclusive REVIVE Formula

Your Health is More Precious Than Snap, Crackle, Pop, Repeat

R : We Review all of your health history and pertinent information with you to discover what path will reveal what’s causing the pain and/or loss of function you’ve been experiencing. Targeting the solutions correctly allows us to move forward intentionally and guide you through the health challenges that brought you to us.

E : Explore all of the problems thoroughly with diagnostics that could include: X-Rays, Motion Study X-rays, 12-48 point physical/ortho/neuro exam, MRI, and/or dynamic range of motion. We use these tools to reveal the perfect solution for you.

V : Vivid Vision! Uncovering exactly what the root cause of your health issues are and what solution best fits you.You are unique and should have a very unique care plan for the diagnosis we find.

I : Implementation of the care plan is the next step to Getting Healthy and Staying Healthy. We work with you to correct the health problem you have through gentle instrument adjusting, customized rehabilitation protocols, and re-exam processes.

V : Vitality is longevity! Giving you the tools and education to make solid healthcare decisions can change your life! You have an action plan to be the best you! We are happy to create customized nutrition and exercise programs for you that are based on your goals and lifestyle to enhance your health.

E : Engage and Empower you to continue to Get Healthy & Stay Healthy! Provide comprehensive step-by-step processes, education and supportive care so that you can maintain your new level of Health for LIFE!

Unlock Your Potential

Our mission is to help you unlock your potential and overcome the pain, loss of function, and health issues limiting your life. With 34 years of clinical experience, we will provide a customized, state-of-the-art care and treatment solution for you that is honed by the successful outcomes of thousands of patients.

Safe and Effective Care

Trust in our safe, research-based chiropractic care to get your life back. We create lasting change without putting you in a place of apprehension. Technology has evolved to allow us the tools to create powerfully simple corrections without pain or anxiety.

Reclaim Your Life

Say goodbye to the economic consequences of being unable to work, the guilt of letting your spouse and family down from the pain and physical limitations, and the emotional stress. Your greatest asset in life is your health. Imagine your life without painful limits.

Follow These Easy Steps to Begin:

Step #1

Schedule your consultation.

Step #2

Show up for solutions.

Step #3

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy with REVIVE.

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The Founder

Dr. Darci Stotts, D.C.

Dr. Stotts is a native of San Angelo. She has faithfully served her West Texas community for 34+ years with quality chiropractic care, always caring for her patients as unique and special individuals versus file numbers.

She has served multiple generations of West Texas families and has been a cornerstone of the community. Each week patients travel from hours away for treatment, some staying in RVs or hotels, to experience her unique method of care. Amazingly, many of her initial patients from 3+ decades ago return today to stay healthy with Dr Stott’s life-affirming REVIVE protocols.