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Q: Can I get addicted to Chiropractic adjustments?

A: No, there is no such thing. People can get addicted to feeling good and maybe that is what is being misunderstood about getting addicted to chiropractic.

Q: Can you adjust patients who have had surgery?

A: Yes, almost always, patients can receive the instrument adjustments that are performed here on a daily basis.

Q: Can a baby receive an adjustment?

A: Of course! Babies tend to need a check right off the bat. They have had a rough journey, so to speak, and can possibly be out of alignment and to a lay person it may be hard to tell if they need it or not. We do check ups on babies all the time. Look for the Keiran Story on our web site and it will fill you in on our latest new born patient.

Q: Will my insurance pay for my care?

A: Typically, insurance pays for some care. There is usually a deductible and/or co-pay that the patient is responsible for, each visit. We file your insurance paperwork, as a courtesy to you.

Q: Can I receive adjustments without my body being manipulated and bones being “cracked”?

A: Yes, that is called “computer-assisted instrument adjustments” and that is precisely what you will get from us using Atlas Orthogonal, the Pro Adjuster and our other instruments!

Q: Do chiropractors prescribe medication?

A: No, and once we start treating the patient they tend not to need pain medication.

Q: Do medical doctors work with chiropractors?

A: Yes, we have a great working relationship with many medical doctors in San Angelo and the surrounding areas.

Q: Will I ever be “cured” of back pain?

A: Getting rid of back problems permanently is our goal for patients!

Q: Can you adjust patients with arthritis?

A: Yes, absolutely! We have helped many patients with arthritic conditions!

Q: Does chiropractic help allergies?

A: Yes, by boosting the immune system it reduces the reaction to allergens.

Q: How do you know if your spine needs to be checked?

A: The simple answer is that you usually don’t know! That is why it is imperative to get monthly spinal check ups to maintain proper spinal health.

Q: Can you feel the bone move during an adjustment?

A: No, you can’t feel the bone shift at all because it happens so fast, but you can feel the positive results very quickly.

Q: Can chiropractic help you lose weight?

A: When we feel good, we feel energetic. When we feel energetic, we exercise and our activities increase, therefore, burning more calories and decreasing the body fat we store.

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